PAIA Manual

Welcome to Web Reef Pty Ltd's PAIA Manual.

This manual outlines the types of records held by Web Reef Pty Ltd and explains how these records can be accessed in accordance with the Promotion of Access to Information Act (PAIA) and the Protection of Personal Information Act (POPIA).

Company Overview

Name of Company: Web Reef Pty Ltd

Registration Number: 2017/481984/07

Physical Address: 59 Edison Cresent

Postal Address: 2190

Telephone Number: 0823118799

Email Address: michael@wrhost.io

Website: wrhost.io

Information Officer: Full Name And Surname: Michael Kuhn, Phone Number: 0823118799, Email: michael@wrhost.io

Guide on How to Use PAIA

The South African Human Rights Commission (SAHRC) has compiled a guide on how to use PAIA. This guide is available from the SAHRC.

Records Held by Web Reef Pty Ltd

Categories of Records:

  • Company Records: Incorporation documents, policies, internal audits, shareholder records
  • Financial Records: Financial statements, accounting records, tax records
  • Personnel Records: Employee contracts, payroll records, training records
  • Customer Records: Contact information, sales records, feedback
  • Operational Records: Service agreements, supplier contracts, maintenance records

Automatically Available Records: Company brochures, marketing material, press releases

Request Procedure

To request access to any of the records held by Web Reef Pty Ltd, the requester must complete the prescribed form and submit it to the Information Officer. The form must be submitted along with the applicable fee.

Contact Details of the Information Officer

Name: Michael

Physical Address: 59 Edison Cresent

Postal Address: 2190

Telephone Number: 0823118799

Email Address: michael@wrhost.io

Request Form

The request form can be obtained from the SAHRC website or directly from Web Reef Pty Ltd. The completed form should be submitted to the Information Officer.


A requester is required to pay the prescribed fee before any records will be made available. The fee structure is available on the SAHRC website.

Grounds for Refusal

Web Reef Pty Ltd may refuse a request for information on the following grounds:

  • Protection of personal information
  • Protection of commercial information
  • Protection of the safety of individuals and property
  • Protection of records privileged from production in legal proceedings

Remedies Available if a Request is Refused

If a request for access to information is refused, the requester may apply to a court for relief or may lodge a complaint with the Information Regulator.

POPIA Compliance

Web Reef Pty Ltd is committed to ensuring that personal information is processed in accordance with POPIA. All personal information is collected and processed in line with the principles outlined in POPIA, ensuring that data subjects' rights to privacy are respected.

Personal Information Processed

  • Types of Personal Information: Names, contact details, identification numbers, financial information
  • Purpose of Processing Personal Information: To provide products and services, to comply with legal obligations, for marketing purposes (with consent)

Other Legislation Applicable

Employment Equity Act, Income Tax Act, etc.

Changes to the Manual

Web Reef Pty Ltd may amend this manual from time to time. The latest version of the manual will be available on the company's website.

Contact Information

For any queries related to this manual or to request access to information, please contact the Information Officer.


A. Request for Access to Record Email: michael@wrhost.io

B. Fee Structure

Request Fees:

  • Request Fee: ZAR 140.00
  • Photocopy per A4 page: ZAR 2.00
  • Printed copy per A4 page: ZAR 2.00
  • For a copy in a computer-readable form on:
    • Flash drive (to be provided by requestor): ZAR 40.00
    • Compact Disc: ZAR 70.00
  • Transcription of visual images, per A4 page: ZAR 24.00
  • Copy of visual images: ZAR 60.00
  • Transcription of an audio record, per A4 page: ZAR 24.00
  • Copy of an audio record: ZAR 40.00

Search and Preparation Fee:

  • If the search and preparation of the record requested exceeds six hours, an additional fee of ZAR 140.00 per hour or part thereof will be charged.


  • A deposit is required for requests that require significant search and preparation time. The deposit amount will be equal to one-third of the total search and preparation fee.

Access Fee:

  • In addition to the request fees, an access fee is payable for accessing the record. The amount is dependent on the type and format of the record requested.

All fees are subject to change as per the regulations and will be communicated accordingly.

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